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General Meetings
The KAS meets on the first Friday of almost every month at 7:00 pm in the presentation center of the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics & Science Center (KAMSC), located on the fourth floor of Old Central High School (600 West Vine Street). Our general meetings are open to the public and admission is always FREE.

Parking is available in the main lot or along Dutton Street. You may enter Old Central through the Dutton Street entrance. Please arrive before 7:10 pm, otherwise you may get locked out. Elevator access to the fourth floor is available. Meeting days, times and locations may vary, please check the Schedule of Events page before attending a meeting.

[General Meeting]

The first hour is generally the entertainment portion of the meeting with the business portion of the meeting in the second hour after a snack break. The program topics vary from month to month. Some of the programs are:
  • Video Presentations
  • Lectures on Robotic and Manned Space Exploration
  • Lectures on Amateur and Professional Astronomy
Sometimes our meetings have a special theme. In July members bring their special creations that help enhance the observing experience. This is called "Gadget Night" and is one of our oldest traditions (dating back to at least 1954). In August we have our annual "Perseid Potluck Picnic." The October meeting is "Astrophotography Night." Members show off their best images of the cosmos.  In December we hold our Annual Meeting and Holiday Party with lots of treats and surprises.

Gadget Night Astrophotography Night Holiday Party

We have had a wide variety of guest speakers over the years. Some of the topics have ranged from telescope construction to the evolution of galaxies in the early universe.

Many of our excellent guest speakers have come from the surrounding colleges and universities. Some of these institutions includes:
  • Albion College
  • Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Kalamazoo College
  • Loyola University (Chicago)
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Northwest Michigan College
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Western Michigan University

Please visit the Schedule of Events page for the latest information on upcoming meetings.

You can view images from past meetings in the General Meeting Gallery.

Date/Time/Location Topic

January 10
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Astronomy Open House
KAS members will give brief presentations on a variety of topics.

February 7
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Seeing Stars: How Birds Use the Night Sky During Migration
presented by Dr. Jen Owen, Michigan State University

March 6

7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Where is Everybody? The Fermi Paradox
presented by Dr. Elias Aydi, Michigan State University

April 3
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Putting Together the Pieces of the Milky Way – Now with Pictures!
presented by Dr. Timothy Beers, University of Notre Dame

May 1
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

When Worlds Collide - Galaxy Collisions and Their Aftermath
presented by Dr. Eric Bell, University of Michigan

June 5

7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Title TBA
presented by Richard Hedrick, PlaneWave President & CEO

July 10
7:00 pm @ KNC

Amateur Radio Astronomy
presented by James Van Prooyen

August 8
6:00 pm @ KNC

Perseid Potluck Picnic (Featuring Gadget Night)
Our annual summer celebration - KAS members only

September 11
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Cosmic Horizons
presented by Chuck Allen, Astronomical League Secretary

October 2
7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Astrophotography Night
KAS shutterbugs show off their wares.

November 6

7:00 pm @ KAMSC

Title TBA
presented by Troy Thrash, Air Zoo President & CEO

December 4
6:30 pm @ KAMSC

Annual Meeting & Holiday Party
Food, fun, prizes, and more - KAS members only

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