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[Online Membership Form]
Joining the KAS is easier than ever thanks to our online membership form. Why bother printing out a hard copy form when you can do everything from the comfort of your computer chair?

Please note that the online membership fee is slightly higher than joining by regular mail or in person at a KAS activity. This helps offset the PayPal fees.  A PayPal account is not required to join online.

NOTE: Please include all personal information on the PayPal check out form including mailing address and phone number. This is the information we will use on our membership roster.


Select Your Member Type
Regular Membership 1 year $21.00

Regular Membership 2 year $37.00

Family Membership 1 year $26.00

Family Membership 2 year $47.00

Senior Family (65+) 1 year $21.00

Senior Family (65+) 2 year $37.00

Students 1 year $16.00

Students 2 year $27.00

Seniors (65+) 1 year $16.00

Seniors (65+) 2 year $27.00

(non-MI Residents only)
1 year $5.00

Remote Telescope User Fee (Optional)
Regular Members
(Includes Regular, Family, and Senior Memberships)

Student Members $25.00