The Kalamazoo Astronomical Society is the oldest organization of its kind in Michigan and one of the largest. Its purpose is to promote the exchange of information among those with a common interest in all areas of astronomy, to educate the public about astronomical discoveries and events and to cooperate with other amateur and professional astronomical organizations.

Our membership consists of people from all walks of life, educational backgrounds and ages.  The majority of the membership are novices or armchair astronomers; most don't even own a telescope. Therefore, you don't need any technical knowledge or fancy equipment to be a part of the KAS. Please consider attending a meeting or joining us under a starry sky.

KAS Membership
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Library Telescope Prog.
Check out a telescope as you would a book at your local library. Two libraries currently participate in the program. Contact your library and ask them to join in!

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Night Sky Highlights

Dec. 20: PM: A hefty waxing gibbous Moon spends the night in the Hyades cluster in Taurus.
Dec. 21: DAWN:  Jupiter and Mercury, are less than 1 apart low in the southeast shortly before sunrise.
Dec. 22: Full Moon
12:49 pm EST
Dec. 24: PM: A waning gibbous Moon is about away from the Beehive Cluster in Cancer.
Dec. 29: Last Quarter Moon
4:34 am EST
Jan. 1: DAWN: Dazzling Venus is 5 to the lower left of a waning crescent Moon.
Jan. 3: PM: The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks.
Jan. 5: New Moon
8:28 pm EST
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